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CW, I am not sure this is a healthy way to look at this.

Maybe? What happened led me to where I am. I like where I am.

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I mean, what happens when your GF feels secure again in your R?

I believe she feels secure. I hope she never feels so secure she ignores me for an extended time.

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Will it take you dating another woman to straighten her out again?

If she stopped meeting my needs, and after communicating that enough time passed without her making an effort, I'd leave. Steve, Love will give her time, but I no longer believe in staying "no matter what". If she is my life partner--and I hope she is, we'll both make efforts when the other feels their needs are unmet.

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And would you stay with your GF despite the toxicity and problems if you felt that you had no options?

Nope! It'd be an adjustment, but I can do well on my own. smile

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