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We talked more tonight. He says some of these things. That he loves me, he never stopped. that he knows we'll be okay, that he wants to do the work. That he is so sorry that he hurt me, that he lied, that he betrayed me. [He is NOT saying he is sorry it happened.] That he's getting over her, he doesn't think he's "in love" with her anymore. But he isn't saying it was all a horrible mistake, he never really loved her, all the fantasy reconciliation apology words.

Gerda makes some good points. When my lady and I split for 3-months, I had a 1-month relationship. I'm not in love with her. I wouldn't go back there. I did feel some love, I don't feel it was a mistake. I do feel it challenged my GF to be a better partner--it's clear being with her is a choice and I have options. I, of course, don't harp on that point or volunteer the presumed benefits of that 1-month GF. wink