I am busy at work but I just wanted to add how amazing I think you are. We are throwing opinions and advice at you form all directions and you handle it with such grace! I mean this when I say that your posts and threads are the ones that keep me coming back here. I have so much to learn from you. You take so much on, remain open-minded and really want to understand others, even when we write things that are painful to read! You also give very thoughtful and wise feedback to others.

It would be very interesting (telling) if XOW does reach out to him at some point and how he handles that. In my sitch, she certainly tried and in hindsight, the way he handled it helped us in our process. It was a couple months after he left her and came back to me. He bought a new phone and I think all the apps transferred over so I guess she got an alert that he tried to access a private acct that they had shared. She texted him asking had he tried to login in to it because she got an alert. He showed me the text and we agreed on a response. "That must have been an error. Please never contact me again." ... of course she did .... then she got blocked. And that was it. It helped me to trust him further, even tho my sense was that he really did not miss her or think about her. But hey, maybe those were lies I needed to tell myself (shoulder shrug).

There is a lot going on with your thread, so maybe I should post on my thread, but I have not seen folks talk much about what M 1.0 verses 2.0 actually means. We all use those terms, but is someone breaking down what it looks like? I have not seen that thread on the boards. Of course I have some thoughts on that. lol. I can certainly explain the difference between my own M 1.0 and my M 2.0 now. It my surprise people to know that they are not drastically different ...


“Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.” – Nelson Mandela