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Steve - Ive read it a good bit, but Ill reread it. I just cant understand doing this to your own kids. I just cant understand. I cant get myself into a mindset where I would inflict this much emotional confusion and pain on my kids. I just cant understand.

WASs and WSs in particular are the most selfish creatures on the planet. Most WASs brush the impact on the kids off as "kids are resilient!". It isn't that they don't care, it is that they have come to grips that in order for them to be happy, others will have to be unhappy. This is the same dynamic that causes WASs to wait so long before finally dropping the D bomb. They are coming to grips with the idea that in order for them to end their unhappiness and pursue what they think will make them happy, they have to absolutely crush and destroy you.

Scott, not sure if in your reading of the information the board you came across the fact that for your WAW, this has been brewing for a very longtime. Most LBSs think, at least they behave, as if the sitch just began on BD. But the truth is that your WAW was struggling with these feelings for a long time before BD. Some experts estimate that the seeds of this thinking actually start up to 2 years BEFORE BD. So she has already worked out in her head the way she thinks all this will go. By time BD occurs the WAS has decided that it is time to RIP the bandaid off and let the healing for everyone start.

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