Staying home and raising children is really staying home and hanging out all day and having the ultimate freedom. Thatís what you might see it as. While you grew your career and spent time with adults and work was over when you came home, she was raising your kids, keeping a house probably didnít have a whole lot of professional adult
Engagement. Or adult engagement at all. You didnít ďgive her everything ď she took care of your house, your kids, and you, so you could have the freedom to become successful and have the money to provide. She wants to values as a woman and a woman and as a mother and for all of their accomplishments as well. The big vacations and the house? Well, you didnít give that to her. Iím sure she would like to feel a partner in obtaining that and making that happen because you never had to worry about child care or cooking and cleaning and shopping .

Itís takes 2 to make that life happen. Did you make her feel otherwise?