Vapo nailed it.

Women tend to feel unheard and under appreciated and for the most part I think they are right. The thing that they dont understand is that was not our intention. I think all men want to make their women happy they just dont know how and eventually stop trying.

Scotty B you are still in the mindset that a big house, the ability to stay home and awesome vacations should make a woman happy. Maybe for some is does but the majority of women want to feel connected to their husband. Keeping and maintaining a connection after 20 years is not easy and their is no prior training so unfortunately families being broken up are the consequences of tough lessons.

WWs are very good at convincing themselves that this is best for everyone including the kids and are numb to the fact that this is effecting them. Even if they do acknowledge its happening its all your fault anyway because you forced her to do it.

You cant win right now Scotty. Its going to takes years for her to burn through the resentment before she can start to see you as a person again.

Im sorry your daughter is struggling but I promise you it will get better.