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May, great post! I think after reading that I will back away from a lot of the things I've said. You've clearly thought about this and have considered a lot and seem to have a good idea of what you want and how to get there. And you have articulated that to your H. So I now understand your frustration a bit more. It makes a lot of sense.

And I too still have a crush on Winnie Cooper! Lol

Ha! We are watching the whole series with our kids (though now taking a break as the characters on the show are getting older and more and more just into girls, and they're a little young for it) and it has sparked all kinds of conversations with our male friends and family members. Apparently every male of that age still loooooves Winnie Cooper. smile

Thanks-- I'm an overthinker. Once I get through chewing on these posts I think I'll go back for a bit to my living in the moment and enjoying the holidays with the kids mode.

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