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These traits maybe apply more to WWs?

Some WASs here communicated their issues and tried to get their ex's into counseling before giving up. Some were leaving abusive relationships, which I highly encourage, or cheaters.

As I said, I was being funny more than anything smile

To be honest, I am not even sure these traits even apply to my ExW. In reality, we had a good marriage for at least 16 of the 17 years we were together. And she was mostly a good wife and good person.

The reason I wrote that message with that list is like Steve said "to feel in control" and to pretend to understand something that is beyond my brain. LOL laugh

Me:49 XW:41, M:18 years, Kids: S18,S14
BD:JULY 2017, W moved out: DEC 2017
Filed for D: APR 2019, D Final: JULY 2019