Leave the gifts in the basement. Don't over analyze this situation. She's working hard not to be around you. So allow her not to be around as much as possible.

Originally Posted by ScottB

I did want to try and give the kids a "normal" as possible Christmas with the whole family. And again, initially she said we would do this at my house.

Key word above is what, "I" wanted. You wanted but she don't. You have to accept that. Stop worrying about how she will chalk it up. Do what's best for you and your kids. I don't hurt anyone to allow her to wrap the gifts at her house. It's a chance for her to start feeling what X-mas is like without your around.

And does she have a point on your bringing the kids snowboarding? Are you ok with you taking them snowboarding and her not taking them to her parents?

My response back would be.

"X-mas should and will be as stress free as possible for the kids. I thought we determined it would be over here, but if you feel different please let me know. If we decided to have it here, what you presented for X-mas eve and X-mas is perfectly fine. Christmas eve Mass, dinner, Christmas morning open presents and breakfast. INSERT the after that part.......

I will leave the presents in the Garage for you with the wrapping paper, or if, it's better for you, you can use the basement."

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