Thanks CW. It comes tomorrow so we'll see how it does. If it works like I think it will I'll have a Football viewing party next weekend.

I get the kids back tomorrow and we're going skiing. They are pumped and I'm really excited to see them. I saw them and my Ex today and gave the kids hugs, she didn't say a word to me - which does bug me still.

Today was my fifth day without the kids and today was the first day I felt a little lost and lonely, so I feel like I did pretty good work to get this far.

I was able to go to a late lunch with family that helped a little, and then I worked out, but now I'm just ready for the day to be over and honestly I just wish things could go back to the way they were. I know they can't, but I'm tired and lonely and this is hard. I'll keep moving forward.

Because of the way the holidays fall I won't have a 5 day stretch without the kids until next year so that's good. Also, my parents, who are snowbirds, will back back from tomorrow through year end - so I have even more support right now; that will be great. Thanks everyone on the DB forum for all your support.