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Geez. My five day stretch, the first one, without the kids has been about all I can handle. After hanging out with a friend on Friday and another buddy on Thursday, yesterday I worked out with a friend and then opened my house up to a group of about a dozen guys beginning at 3:30p yesterday and the last guy left at 2am.

I believe we went through 98 beers, two or three rack of ribs, a couple dozen wings and we broke in my new ping pong table. I'm typing this and still in a bit of a fog.

One of my closest friends who lives two miles away asked when I put in my back patio - it was five years - but he hadn't been invited over yet. It really shows how my Ex made it challenging to have people over.

I was pleasantly surprised at who all came over and how chill it was. I haven't had a party at my house in at least 12 years. I need to make a couple of upgrades - like some solid outdoor furniture. I got a projector coming for my outdoor space which will be a massive upgrade. It was a wild time and definitely kept my head right and kept me out of trouble.