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Had a heart to heart with WW.

She said she doesnt want me texting her anymore and getting all emotional about my sitch, that I need to accept that she is moved on. I told her my reason was that she has been telling me otherwise and telling me that she isnt sure. She even cancelled the divorce appointment the other day. Now after this fight regarding my son she said Im sorry. I shouldnt have been playing with your emotions too. She apologized and asked if we can just delete the texts back and forth and I agreed said it was a good idea to just stick to the kids from now on.

I should not have let it come to this where she had to push me away. But shes pushing me away. I should have been man enough to cut her off a long time ago but I felt I needed to nice her back. I all I did was make it easier for her to dig deeper into life with OM without feeling any loss. It was stupid. At least Im used to the loss now. And its settled. No more games. Not sure if this M can be saved, guess it will depend on how her feelings change or dont. There is nothing anymore I can do. Probably never was, at least the cycle of up and down will be over for both of us.

Steve_ sorry to be blunt. But we've heard this before. You are like a roller-coaster. Up one minute, down the next. Please get into weekly IC.

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