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That didnt last long. I dont know what to do now.

My son has been lashing out at her, and at OM. He says he tried to make me and mom fight so we talk.
He told me that he thinks OM is using mom to babysit kids

She blamed all this on me. She told me Im never coming back to you and she told my son that too.
It crushed him.

I have never once said anything bad or wrong to my son. I never told him to go over there and do this and now she is blaming me. And said she is never coming back. That destroyed me. I know it destroyed him.

I dont even know how to handle that. I tried to talk to her, explain he is just upset, she wont listen. She blames me

NEWSFLASH: The WAS will blame the LBS for...........EVERYTHING!! The kids, their own unhappiness, the weather, why groceries are expensive, frogs being slimy.


When she starts blaming you walk away. Hang up. End the texting back. Do not accept disrespect from her. EVER.

Steve_, how is IC going? Please tell me you are going regularly.

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