You have/need to get out of the way. Stop intervening. Stop inputting yourself. What makes you think she's going to believe anything you have to say. She won't. Get out of the way. She will always use you as a source of everything going wrong in her life. The only way that stops if you get out of her way and allow her to feels what's its like without you being a part of her life.

You didn't have to call her to explain what your son did. Her relationship with ya'll on is for her to figure out. Not for you to fix.

Originally Posted by Steve_
I don’t even know how to handle that. I tried to talk to her, explain he is just upset, she won’t listen. She blames me

She most likely knows he's upset. She doesn't need you to explain that to her. DETACH!!!!! Reread Sandi rules. And utilize AS detachment with love.


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