Things went really good today. I had a really rough week turns out Ive been taking testosterone therapy for a couple months for low T and the estrogen blocker I was on lowered my estridol to like almost unreadable. Thats been causing me a lot of anxiety and stress and just feeling so bad 24/7.

Stbxw came and picked up the kids today. I didnt let her in my place though, she laughed and said Im not coming up dont worry She told me she missed me and thinks about me all the time, asked if Im doing okay if I need anything for the house if I need her to buy anything for the kids.

I just said no it would be silly to give you child support and have you pay it back. Ill be alright.
We had a talk with the kids and I asked them to behave and not be bad to thier mom. My son has been raging at her and blaming her for being separated 100%. I told him not to do that and things happen in life we dont expect and its not all his moms fault its mine too. My 7 year old defiantly disagrees but needed to be said.
She was really happy with that. I started to back away and go to my place and she ran up and hugged me and smelled me, said your smelling good and looking great. I just kinda patted her on the back and just turned around and said see you around

I did not initiate any of that stuff it was all her. Its hard to be a stone wall when I still have feelings for her but Im sure in time it will be less and less emotional. Im glad that at least this week I got my finger on that hormone imbalance having the doc call me was great it will help a lot. Gonna stay busy this week at work and go right back to NC.

Gotta remind myself sometimes that as nice as she has been lately she still is banging some other dude. No need to act like things are all kosher, they arent. Ill get there.

Ill check back in a few days. smile

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