Oh yes Im going #2

I just felt really good when I learned that shes been lying about how happy she is. How great everything is. I felt like I lost everything and she gained everything. Im beginning to see that I didnt really loose anything at all. My WW is the one who messed up and lost it all. What she is getting is not worth what she had and all of us see it.

I get the benefit of starting over new, it hurts now but eventually Ill be okay. I actually feel sad for her to be so stuck in her mistake. I do feel a bit better that I dont have to live that way I get to have my freedom, I get to spend time with just my kids and take my time to rebuild a life that I want to have, this D may end up being the best thing that ever happened to me and I just cant see it yet.

K: D5, S7
BD: 9/1/20
WW continues to break up and recon with OM.
I paid last fees and pushed the D 5/3/2021
Default Dissolution granted 8/5/21.
Glad my D was not busted.