Steve, just breathe. It will all be ok. You are still in the "the end of my marriage is the end of the world!" mindset. It isn't. In fact, like I've said several times, one day you will look back and wonder why you tried to hold on so tight! Your IC will help you work through it. But she is TOXIC and once you drop the rose-colored goggles and see her for the lying, manipulative, narcissistic, cheater that she is, you will be in a much better place.

My last advice. Stay off of social media. At least for a while. SM is a stumbling block for so many LBS. "Oh no, she changed her status from married to single!" "Oh no, she is posting pictures of her and OM. Oh no she has picture of my kid(s) with OM!"

None of what she posts on SM changes any of the truth. Whether she changes her status, whether she posts picture of OM etc.......the truth is that she is still a lying, manipulative, narcissistic, cheater. No matter what she may or may not be posting on SM.

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