I was not trying to be manipulative, I just put that post up in response to chritmas wishes from my sister. About 2 minutes after I typed it in I deleted it. Its unfortunate that stbxw saw it. I responded honestly, I really dont want the world at large feeling sorry for me or judging her, that wont help my cause and itll make me the bad guy pointing the finger at her. I realized it, deleted it, she saw it and texted me about why and I answerd honestly. I havent said anything since.

I realize the more I do the weaker I look, seem, and feel. I am starting to understand that just didn't delete the thing fast enough. It was an innocent mistake but definately a mistake. Im just glad I havent said anything since then and made it worse. Its been the longest NC for both of us so far during this whole thing. Neither of us have reached out. Typically she would have hit me up regarding the kids being bad or to ask for something else, nada. Im glad.

And I really dont plan on explaining to her why Ive cut contact, I dont think it needs an explaination.

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