Good morning! Well, note down these two unnecessary interactions (Facebook and text) for your next IC session, brush yourself off, and move on with get-a-life activities.

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You cant nice a ww back. You cant do anything but validate, agree and dissapear from thier life as much as you can since that is what they wanted. Im not talking to her anymore not because its a game, or it might work or whatever, its because its what she wanted, and its the respectful thing to do for myself and my kids, im tired of being the weak chaser, I shouldn't be chasing someone who could do that to everyone she was supposed to love.

You wouldn’t be the first or the tenth to say when asked by your ex-wife why you cut contact, “It’s what you wanted!!” That sounds weak because it is weak. If that’s your motive, your life will change day by day based on her whims—like a marionette. You won’t get to live your own life and you’ll be anything but attractive to her. The second motive you stated is much stronger. You should be cutting off contact because it’s best for you and your kids. Scott’s ex put it well, paraphrased by LH as,” she doesn’t want to be around you because she doesn’t want you to play your Jedi mind tricks.. (Her words). This will change most likely in time when she feels safe to be around you.” Agreed, that on top of it all, she doesn’t sound like a good choice for a wife.