You know what to do, Steve. So quit farting around and get to business. You did a tour in Iraq goddamn it. You can follow orders. You're not stupid. Man up and stop this nonsense. Stop torturing yourself and let her go. I'm sorry, but that woman is complete trash. You're nothing but a toy for her. Stop following her around waiting to be abused. Because that's what this is becoming. Emotional abuse. It's sick. So glad to hear you're in IC. Keep your head up, buddy. Ditch the witch and get back to enjoying life...

Me: 38
Kids: S16(mine from previous R), D10, S9, S4
M: 10 years
T:12 years
BD:Jan 3, 2018
W moved out: Apr 13,2018
Filed for D: Jun 2018
D final: Sep 2019

"Surrender to the Flow"...