You are a mess - I think you know this, but you need to stop being selfish and take responsibilty as a father. Yes - I called you selfish.. Because IMO you are soooooo focused on WW, the rest of the world is passing you by, and i'm pretty sure your actions are having an impact on your children.

You know the script - you have read Sandys rules - WW turn into selfish creatures.. FACT !
Your WW is a selfish piece of trash. Introducing your children to OM so soon says it all - Just wrong. She did not consider your children at all. Joseph has commented on your thread. Like you, it took him a while to see that life is better once your beat the WW addiction. Once that happened, he started to see his WW for what she was, and it changed him as a man. You really need to kick your own a&& into touch - we cannot do it for you. And the starting point shoudl be the children - they are young and this manipulation and silly games on both parts ( yours and WWs ) will impact on them.

Originally Posted by Steve_

she asked me to watch him more days so she could recover from surgery, I just said "No I cant I have to work and I have appointments, im sorry" (In the past I for sure would have called in, adjusted anything for her)

Wrong answer !!!!! - Anything for her ?

STOP thinking about her. Your Son wanted to be with you as he doesnt like his home enviroment with his WW mother - and your reply is to say no - but in the past you would have adjusted anything for her ???? - Your thought should be anything for him ! - Your focus needs to be your Son, but you are thinking about your cheating ex !. If you had work and non moveable appointments, then thats fair enough - But you need to focus on you and and the children. That comment in bold shows how messed your logic is - WW is your first thought - Not the children - Wrong Wrong Wrong.

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She is absolutely gone, our son was her pride and joy nothing would ever come between them.

Sorry Steve, everybody but you can see one thing - She was never there in the first place ! So what are you going to do ? WW is pushing son away - Man up, lose the self pity, start to work on your self respect and become the best dad your can be..

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admit that I have a serious issue because of being abandoned as a child which is probably why im so attached.

You have issues - you also have a responsibility - ensure your children don't go down this route. You need to man up and step up. How do you think your children feel - their world just got turned upside down - Yet most of your posts focus on you or your unhealthy obsession with WW....

So... Think about his....

I suspect when you see your children, you ask questions about your WW or OM... I dont know this for sure, but based on your unhealthy obsession, its pretty much a given.. If you are STOP.

Make the time with the children about you and the kids.. You don't mention WW or OM. If they mention, validate and support but don't get drawn in. Do something positive to take their minds off it / change the subject.

Make memories - And that doesnt mean sticking them in front of the TV with the disney channel. Fresh air and fun.

These memories are for you and the children - You don't need to post them over social media or send to WW - Posting on SM or sending to WW screams "look at me" - wrong focus - it should be for Kids Kids Kids - Its not about you or the WW.

Have the children as often as you can - You are doing this for them and you - Not for the WW.. If they kids want to be with you, move heaven and earth to make it happen around work.

Become their ROCK !

And start today.

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