Things I believe you could have done better

#1. Blocked her on Snapchat. You didn’t need to tell her to stop. You could have made her stop without saying a word. I would go thru all social media and block her if you truly want it to stop.

#2. When she asked about a dinner plate, radio silence would have been sufficient. I understand you got to see your son, but IMO all she did was disrespect you, and show you, her with your guys son and the OM. She wasn’t being caring or concern or sweet. She was rubbing it in your face you were alone and she wasn’t.

#3. I can assure you they don’t care about how the family and friends look at them. If anything they’ll use to to bring themselves closer together and say it us against the world. No one accepts us even though we are truly happy now. Etc etc etc.

Please start the process of NC. You should only break it in emergency cases. And this wasn’t one of those cases. It doesn’t matter what karma does. You shouldn’t find your happiness in their pain or awkward encounters. And I don’t know how much the OM feels threatened you left the door open for her. From your past choices it’s obvious the door is open. But she choose him. She’s with him. She spent thanksgiving with him. You aren’t a threat. She just wants to make herself feel better for her choices.

I’m sorry you had a rough thanksgiving. Today’s a new day. Start the process or NC and start GAL now! You’ll feel better for you. And you’ll find your happiness without her.

Me: 40
Together 17 years
Married 16 years
5 kids, 20,18,15,14,11

BD 03/06/20, divorced 12/23/21