I Ignored. Yesterday was tough. My son was sad all day long because I wasn't there. Our best friend and god son told me that thanksgiving was awkward and nobody stayed. She and OM showed up uninvited. The family couldn't even post pics as they always do. What a mess.

She started sending me snapchats of her and my son all morning, I asked her "please stop" she said "sorry"

She wanted to bring me a dinner plate at 8. I asked her to stay in the car and send my son only. She didn't listen, she came up holding two plates. And she let OM drive her to my place. I asked her never to bring him around. Her excuse was that she cant drive to due to breast reduction surgery. I said "fine, but i had a good reason I didn't want him knowing where I live.. but never bring him here again, thanks for bringing our son by" she realized why and said "oh, you were trying to keep a safe place for me and the kids to go if things got bad or I wanted out, damn im an idiot" I jsut said "yeah, but its not like he could step to me anyways", she said "yeah true it doesn't matter then" When she came up I didn't talk to her at all I kept it short told my son thank you, I love you and kissed him and and closed the door before she could start talking.

Everyone in the family tells me they miss me, they all say he is a ugly trash mistake and every one of them says there is a timer or expiration date on this relationship of hers. That's funny to me. I left the door open for her to come back if she wants and OM is so insecure about it he is trying everything to hold onto her, forcing her into his family and life. Its pathetic. He actually fought with her because she was crying and packing her stuff to come to my place and he guilt tripped her with "you cant leave i gave up everything for you" blah blah blah… Honestly I was really sad yesterday but today im better because I really started to realize that im not the only one that sees they are both scum bags and karma will catch up to them. Im actually a really good guy she is the one losing here not me.

Knew this first holiday would be messy with all the family, all the lying and kids being so confused, she still sleeps on the couch in front of them so they don't see them in bed. My son doesn't want to sleep in the bed there anymore he told her he wants to stay on the couch with her. what a mess, so glad this isn't on me.

Anyways right back to NC im actually relieved that is over. I feel a lot better today.

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BD: 9/1/20
WW continues to break up and recon with OM.
I paid last fees and pushed the D 5/3/2021
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