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The danger with the LBS is that they are so desperate to fix their issues, they throw themselves into the first person who gives them butterflys - ignoring the 3 failed marriges, 3 kids by 3 fathers etc

What's the obsession with being with someone anyway? I'm sure we can all remember a time that we loved being single, I certainly do. Of course, we were married and its not what we want, but as my best mate tells me, why would you just waste this opportunity to be yourself and have some fun. If you seemingly didn't pick the right person for your first marriage, what are the chances its going to be the first person after that who is perfect.

Me: 38 W:40
T: 14 M: 11
S: 4
BD1: IHS Nov 2019
OM since Jun 2020
W moves out Aug 2020

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