Thanks again for all the input everyone!!
Ben, my understanding is Tinder still has a much larger user base but Bumble has a bit higher "quality".
I plan to get some great photos next year to use.

IHS isnt great.
Really looking forward to February.
I have a hard time not interacting with her when shes at home. Feels like its super friend zone sometimes.
House is small and I work from home most days.
She initiates 90% of the non-children communication though.

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Me: 34
Stbxw: 30
D:5 D:3
Mini bd: May/June 2019
Married: Aug 2019
BD: 6th Dec 2019
OM Confirmed: Feb 2020
March 2020: I filed for D
Waiting for D to be finalized and W to move out end of January 2021