I've never been on Tinder because it came out after I started dating my W, but I know plenty of people who have used it. There are certainly people on there just looking for hookups but plenty looking for relationships as well. To me it seems like the next platform of dating from eHarmony to Match to Tinder to Bumble. Maybe it's generational thing, but online dating is fairly pervasive now.

Me:39 W:36
M:7 T: 9
S:6 D:2
BD/IHS/Suspect OM: 2/15/20
Discovered EA & PA: 3/5/20
W/OM1's work & OM1's W know: 5/20
W moves out: 6/20-7/20
W w/OM2: 6/20-7/20
W files for D: 7/20
OM2 confirmed: 9/2020