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My recommendation is always to suggest going for a walk as a date. Worst thing that happens then is that you wasted 30 minutes of your life. For me, I suggest walking my dog. Doesn't take long to tell if this is someone I can go on a second date with or not. But I do agree spending time working on yourself first of course.

For me, a walk is something i avoid on the first date. You cant read a person the same, as you are side by side. Body language and expressions are a dead giveaway for things like lying, rolling eyes, etc etc - its hard to guage that when you are looking in front, rather than face to face.. But each to their own.

There are lot of giveaways to a person, when you know where to look - i suspect 99% of the people here didnt know where to look first time around. For me, if the lady has children but spends more time texting you than being with her children, that is a massive red flag - if she will drop the time she spends with the children the second she meets a guy, it shows where her priorities are.. but thats one of many IMO.

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