Your brother's heart is in the right place. He hates seeing you hurt so he is trying to find a way to help stop your hurting. This is why I tell LBSs to be careful about advice from friends and family. They have one goal, to see your pain ended. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts through this stuff, just like Mr. B said. It would be a temporary fix. I like to say it is putting the cart before the horse. The right sequence is to get through the pain, get whole yourself, then get out there and date. The other way around is filled with pitfalls.

Mr. B I also love what you said about this: "There are a lot of broken people on dating sites." Especially on Tinder! What person that is a catch and knows their own self-worth goes to a place like Tinder? ROFL "Hey I have nothing to offer except some fun parts....oh and I am only interested in your fun parts too!" Give me a break.

Mumin, keep up the good work. You've got this.

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