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I guess it is a moral thing for me. Again, I'm not religious, but I had never seen divorce as an option and have only slowly come around to it from constant pressure on this board, which is weird as a "divorce busting" board but that is neither here nor there. I feel strongly about giving children, if you choose to have them, the best possible environment and for me, that would mean parents who are married to each other, to the extent that is under your control. I know plenty of people who have kids together and aren't married. That is their choice and I don't judge. It just isn't what I had always imagined for my own life.

I brought this over to your thread as to not hijack Wolf's. Who is pressure you to divorce? I am not sure I read anyone tell you to divorce your H. I suggested a separation to give yourself space from one another to process your emotions. I have also suggested to you that you guys agree to stay together for the kids and not pressure yourself into a relationship I don't think either of you want right now. Lastly, I don't think any of us imagined being on this site and or being divorced. Sometimes things don't work out like you plan.

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