My take on this is that WM lack of confidence in his decissions, or inability to make a firm decission has a major impact on the route his life is taking.

IMO, this is something he needs to take very seriously.. It is this lack of making a decission that see's him go around in circles on a daily basis, and the reason why his posts are so up, down and sideways..


You have stated that you want a family - that is your focus. You really need to take a long hard look at what that entails. I dont think the "family" life you a hoping for will fall into place any time soon.

Also, women like a confident man - they like a man who knows what he wants and makes / stands by decissions. I dont think im speaking out of turn when i say that a lack of confidence and decission making is often seen as a weekness by women.. And the jackel and hyde / cluster B type women love a week man - somebody they can manipulate ! - food for thought with your current GF.

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