Thanks. I have been taking D and C and now Iím going to add zinc to the list. Just going to do what I can to prevent it or at least make it mild. Itís just a while other load of worry and considerations and accommodations to make right now. Iím supposed to be getting my surgery on dec 3rd too. That will be exactly 2 weeks. I need to stay symptom free and I need a negative test! I feel bad for those who I know are positive. The one who was my exposure has 3 kids at home. Sheís my age. Sheís also had cancer in the past and has anxiety ( I help her medical anxiety offen) and I feel awful, this must have her so upset. One is our young student. Heís pretty symptomatic. Another is 66. Gearing up for retirement. Sheís a healthy 66, but still. And then the other are TBD.

D13 in dramatic teenage fashion is devastated by what this is doing to her social life, and I understand. She was kind of nasty with me because I wouldnít take her for a
Covid test to prove she didnít have covid so she could see her friends. I explained to her when the viral load is high enough that you will see a positive. So a test in the next few days isnít going to be accurate. She was really mad at me . We went to bed and she came in my room around 11pm feeling really bad for being nasty to me. She asked if we could watch a Christmas movie together the next night and I said of course, everything is fine between us.

My regular social worker is back today and she has a choice of moving office, but she wants to stay with me and Iím happy with that. We make a good team and it would be too difficult to make happen on another floor. I bleached desk like 50 times over for her and everything she might touch .

Ahhh, the life of an essential worker, especially a healthcare worker. They will have you there working unless you have a limb falling off, and they would probably see it back in, tell you to take 2 Tylenol and come in!