I think the only
Time on this board is when it is pressured to divorced when the situation is harmful. And harmful could mean more than just physical abuse. There are emotionally and mentally harmful relationship.

MAny posters come here with the ď what do I do?!!l mindset. Truth is, no one can tell anyone what to do. We can say what we would do, or what we would suggest you should do, but beyond that, in the end, only the person on the other side knows what they should do and hopefully they come here and are armed with the tools and information to make .
decisions .

Itís very difficult to guide Wolfman for many reasons. One being that his story changes day by day. Itís all over the place, everyone is all
Over the place. And he always wants us to tell us what to do. Canít do that either. He needs to decide if he wants a life with this woman, if she is who she says she is, etc. we canít tell him. Its more complicated than most because he is in a situation where his girlfriend is Jekyll and Hyde according to this accounts and he has also lost his born daughter and is losing his born son. Itís a lot to take into account. We all know what we would have done prior to her getting pregnant when he was losing his kids. He didnít do it and not heís in a real pickle.

The best hope is the best outcome for his born children and his baby. While I completely donít agree that what is best for the kids is two married parents no matter what the circumstances are ( IMHO, this could be one of the most harmful things in many circumstances if you ask adult kids) he has to come to a decision that will consider his born kids that are from
His divorce and his unborn child from his unwed girlfriend. Whatever his choices are should be at the top priority of both. Because kids arenít puppies, if they go to a new home you donít just move on a get new ones to replace them.

I certainly donít envy anyone
Involved in this situation

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