Thanks Don. It is just really hard. I feel like a loser lately. This all
Stinks .

Well, I guess it was blind to happen sooner or later, but Iíve been exposed to covid . The social worker filling in for my regular one yesterday sat next to me in our tiny office and we donít stay masked all day when sitting at our desks . Well, she took a test Friday as a precaution and it came back positive today. The normal office she sits in is very crowded. And a few rested positive in there and a few of those are symptomatic. So I had a pretty decent exposure. Of course, as a healthcare worker, I can report to work as long as I donít have symptoms or test positive But this messes everything up . Gabby canít go to her dads. She also canít hVe her sleep overs planned which she way dying for because she is coming off of a 2 week quarantine. I canít see anyone outside of work, and thanksgiving is in question.

Iím seriously about to just lose my sh!t. I was telling my dad and I was telling him how depressed I was and he said ďthatís all I ever hear, I get itĒ gee, thanks dad. And I never even really tell him, quite honestly becUse I know how he reacts.

Iíve got no one. It stinks. My child is avoiding me like the plague in our tiny house. I must mask when entering her room.

I have this gut feeling Im positive and will be symptomatic soon.

Fun times!