Aboulomania (from Greek a– 'without', and boulē 'will') is a mental disorder in which the patient displays pathological indecisiveness. It is typically associated with anxiety, stress, depression, and mental anguish, and can severely affect one's ability to function socially.

You said you had trouble deciding on what color of paint to get. Deciding on the color of paint may not seem as though it should cause anxiety or stress for the majority of people, but for a person like yourself, it seems to bring the same type of feelings you would have with major decisions.

You are dealing with a lot right now, but maybe you could do a little reading about it and see what can be done. Seems to me if you could learn how to proactively resolve or manage this, then it would certainly be helpful in all areas of your life. IMHO, it makes sense why there is so much drama for you.


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It is not about what you feel should work in your M. It is about doing the work that gets the right results. Do what works!