Maybe this will help you understand me. I have always been a person when it came to making decisions in MY life I am very indecisive. I have trouble picking out a paint color for a room, I second guess myself all the time. So my posts being all over the place, yes that is my normal life, which stinks. I have always had trouble making decisive decisions. Instead of having a plan many times in life I go where the wind takes me, which is not good either. Shoot, in college I changed my major 3 times. I went to 3 different college. I struggle with always being afraid of making the wrong decisions. And if I tell someone a situation and I get 2 different advices then I am even more confused. I need to really work on making decisions and sticking with them.

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Uuuummmm. That’s why I said he may be a troll. Could anyone’s life be this haphazard? He’s also a teacher so chew on that one for a minute lol. Our youth are in good hands.

First off why the insult of the “troll”? Second I am a great teacher!!! When it comes to curriculum and teaching I have a plan and stick to it. My students have always come back and tell me how much they have learned and how much they appreciate my teaching. Look, I have no problem with you guys telling me what to do and not do. But I thought this was a safe space and there was no need to take shots at me. Your advice sometimes I find off but I listen. Because I want to see things from another perspective. I also have a lot more going on in my private life that add to the stress.

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