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I still have love for her though, but I am not sure its the right kind of love and I am sure that love will diminish over time.

My brother asked me when I am getting Tinder. I said I dont want it right now.

The top line sums up why you should avoid dating !

Its a quick fix.. something i say time and time again - look at Wolfman !

Learn and work on you - that way, you will be cautious and aware of the little red flags, you probably ignored.

There are a lot of broken people on dating sites.

You ( and so many other ) LPS spouses here, who actually stick around and read, don't realise how lucky they are.. If they read these posts, and learn the patterns ( how many sitchs are so similar ) you can impove your own mental awareness when you are ready.

I'll say it again - there are a LOT of broken people on dating sites... You need to be in a mentally strong place where you can see past the big boobs, pretty face and cheesy come ons, to see the red flags lurking..

This isnt meant with disrespect, but look at the content of Kit Cats posts.. Lots of ups and downs - not over ex husband - and now shes dating... or look at what happened to Wolfman !!!

Its about wising up and learning.. and seeing what you ignored first time around.

I had a date with a girl a few months back - stunning, lovelly and i fancied the pants off her - But less than an hour in and id discovered she was married 3 times ??? - the last guy was 8 months - They got married after 6 months, and lasted 8 months. She told me they had seperated 3 weeks before.. And she had reported 2 of the 3 husbands for domestic abuse - Yet she was out on a date 3 weeks after kicking husband 3 out !!! - You can imagine how quick i drank that drink and made a quick exit - 10 years ago, i would have been thinking, hmm shes stunning, who cares about 3 exs...

Back in February i dated the best looking mum in the school - She is / was a compulsive liar.. 2 dates in and i was thinking, run run run - everything she said was BS.. 10 years ago i got burnt by ignoring lall the WW's lies..

Live and learn. think smart and not with whats in your pants !

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