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Also, at the moment I am so much about exploring and developing myself.
My brother asked me when I am getting Tinder. I said I dont want it right now.

It's certainly tempting. I was with my wife before dating apps on smartphones were a thing. Also, just a week ago a friend asked if I would go out with someone he knew. However, I think posters on here are right when they say focus on healing and improving yourself because broken attracts broken so I've stayed away from that scene so far.

Me:39 W:36
M:7 T: 9
S:6 D:2
BD/IHS/Suspect OM: 2/15/20
Discovered EA & PA: 3/5/20
W/OM1's work & OM1's W know: 5/20
W moves out: 6/20-7/20
W w/OM2: 6/20-7/20
W files for D: 7/20
OM2 confirmed: 9/2020