Re the sport events / school concerts / parents evening ( pre covid ) - I still do all of these - I just refuse to do them with my ex. I don't see its something you need to discuss ? You are the father - So you do it. You don't need to go with WW.. Just make sure you are informed - I nearly missed one because WW didnt inform me ( the letter went home on her night ) - Hence now the school send me a copy of all correspondance.

In my case, i dont think its about pictures .. Its about control on the WW's part.

Unless my posts don't give it away, i am blunt and say it as i see it. If i don't agree with something, i will never budge. When WW left, she came back 2 days later to get a few things - i was shocked.. She emptied shelves in the kids playroom and left toys all over the floor, lookikng for what she wanted. That was the last time she ever stepped in my ( previously our ) house. Since then it has been her "control ambition" to get into the house. I've heard it all - "She would like to see how i've redecroated the kids rooms", "she wants to see the xmas tree", "She is desperate for the toilet" , "the kids want to show her their toys" - etc etc - I will never back down !

But the same goes for communication. I got sick of the BS and drama and silly messages - Hence she is blocked on everything except email. So her communication options are limited. My stance is simple - Kids Kids Kids - and always via email - my line to anything is "drop me an email please"

Bear in mind though, a lot of LBS here want recon at some point - the advice is to be the "light house" - not to persue..
I dont want her back ever - there is no light house shining - Hence i am free to be pretty cold without a second thought.

But back to the question - Photos are another one.. She initially asked for pictures of what we had done and i just ignored her. She kind of gave up after a while, realising i wasnt going to do it. When me and my children have been on holiday, she insists that i send her pictures, but i just ignore the emails. I dont believe she even wants to see them - its about about trying to break my boundaries..

Every sitch is different, but i do believe a lot of the WW requests / actions are still about control and not so much the request.

Previous username - Helpme123.. A name chosen at a desperate time..

Now Mr Brightside.. coming out of my cage, and doing just fine.