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You are right LH.
Not sure I Have to make that decision now though.
Really not sure how I feel about it.
Will I want her to send pictures of an event with kids that I missed? Yes probably.
Will I want to reply to her with a picture every time she wants one? No.

To me memories are a major part of mine and my childrens life. We do a lot of fun stuff together - I take a LOT of pictures and do photobooks every month..

Would i ask my WW for any pictures - NEVER - because we make enough memories of our own...

Initially WW used to always ask me for pictures - But i refused . From my persective, i want seperate lives from WW.. The WW made their choice to run off with OM - While every persons relationship with their WW is different, why would you want to waste time and energy, sharing your memories with a person who threw you aside like a piece of trash - and from reading your sitch, your WW is not a nice person and has shown you a lot of disrespect. Sounds like NG syndrom kicking in.

Previous username - Helpme123.. A name chosen at a desperate time..

Now Mr Brightside.. coming out of my cage, and doing just fine.