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I do know Iím not alone. I follow a thread on Reddit about dating over 40 and a guy posted about this . And the amount of replies form singles who feel the same was overwhelming . Everyone just wants a hug, a kiss, SOMETHING. The men even want it and they arenít even talking sex. A bunch of adults who are alone who just want some form of physical intimacy . Itís so sad. But it felt good to be able to relate and not feel alone it.

Oh you are SO NOT alone. I was saying these exact words on the the phone to a friend a few days ago - a friend after only saying 6 words to me, I responded with, oh no, youíve got covid donít you? It was clear in her voice. . I so totally agree. I canít remember the last real hug Iíve had. Donít even want to think about the last real kiss.

As for the other. Here we are, nearly 9 months into this failed experiment of trying to control the universe. Howís that working for us? And itís not just the USA as Andrew has commented on Canada locking down again. Theyíve yet to open their boarders. Other countries are seeing huge surges too. I agree Ginger, itís not about cases but hospitalization and deaths. For the longest time I could only name a few people who had tested positive. I can now rattle off dozens in rapid succession. All have recovered just fine. Sadly two have not and never will. Thing is, many were fanatical about masks, hand washing, hiding in their houses - following every rule and chiding others to do the same. They got it anyhow. Hmmmmm. I wonít argue why our response has failed, just that it has. And a fail is a fail regardless of the reasons. Now they want us to cancel thanksgiving. No doubt Christmas will be next. Problem is, for how many will this be their last thanksgiving or Christmas? Not because they will die from covid but from old age and life. Yet we want to double down on what has failed. I just donít get it. The vaccines appear to be very promising. Whether they work to 90% as thought or only 1/3 of the population even gets in line for one, they will make us feel safe and in the end, thatís all itís ever been about. Doing something to feel better, feel safer, feel like we are doing something. In the meantime, how many have to go through the depression of missing family, friends, holidays and a hug - all in the name of doing something - whether that something has any impact or not, whether it fails or not, whether it makes many other things much worse or not.

Sorry Ginger, I didnít intend to get on such a role - only to agree with your thoughts and those on Reddit. I canít wait to see how the world looks back on the craziness of 2020. The year we stopped hugging each other in the name of better living and safety.

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