Iím definitely not hard on my friends and Iím very understanding. I was questioning the dynamic of some relationships before and this COVID thing kind of brought it all to light. Still my friends, just changing friendships. And I do take vit C and D.

I did go out to dinner with a friend last night. It was great. And we both kind of know this was the last before the state shuts down again. Itís getting bad here. The Positive test numbers were never what concerned me, it was the hospitalizations . And they are way up. We are prepping to have a mostly COVID hospital again. So, Iím really glad I had that dinner with my friend. Which was super healthy and delicious BTW.

Now for a weekend of just me. I feel horribly deprived of physical touch lately. I get a weak good night hug from my kid, cuddles from my dog, but that is it in many many months. And when you LL is physical touch, man is rough. I think skin to skin contact is like a natural antidepressant. A big old hug. Lifts my mood almost immediately. Itís just not happening. The most physical touch I have gotten is from my massage on vacay and my pedicures. To just lay my head on a guys chest again would be surreal.

I do know Iím not alone. I follow a thread on Reddit about dating over 40 and a guy posted about this . And the amount of replies form singles who feel the same was overwhelming . Everyone just wants a hug, a kiss, SOMETHING. The men even want it and they arenít even talking sex. A bunch of adults who are alone who just want some form of physical intimacy . Itís so sad. But it felt good to be able to relate and not feel alone it.

These times makes you want to reach out to an ex. But I will not. Iím just going to keep on chugging along .