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Hoping your surgery can be moved up! And that's a real compliment that she wants to set you up with her brother.

Hope you can set up a zoom party with some girlfriends for one night this weekend.

My friends donít do that anymore unfortunately. This COVID has actually really changed some of my friends ships and shone some light on them. I know who is solid to the core and who isnít. And which friendships were holding on by a thread prior to this.

I might however, go on a bike ride with a friend tomorrow if the weather permits. If it wasnít for my foot, I would be hiking and biking and being out and about every chance I got. Biking is doable, but I literally canít walk. Itís torture .

Walked into work this Morning and they are putting the HEPA filters back into our non iso rooms. Itís coming back with a vengeance. The good thing is we can treat it better. The bad thing is our resources, the biggest ones being beds and nurses .

Bracing myself for all thatís going to come with it