Listen to AS..

In some ways i am a victim of this very situation. My WW fell pregnant after only 3 months. She was on the pill but it suddenly failed ?????? and she became pregnant. She told me she didnt believe in abortions, yet irronically had an abortion 5 years later when i refused to back down to one of her demands..

At the point that she got pregnant i was already questioning / seeing red flags such as a previous affair with her boss who was already in a relationship.
I did the "right thing" and made it work.. We did have 2 more children, but i refused to marry her.. This was a massive issue for her, but somehting was just telling me "don't do it"... Not i think it was just to get half of my pension and assets.

Would i have been with her much longer if she had not got pregnant - no, because i realised she was a liar..

Things got worse over the years, and i really did think i was losing my mind once she became WW.. I even told my mother i thought i was going mad.

As AS states, my WW preyed on nice guy tendanies.. and the guy WW is with now is a "nice guy" - i do feel sorry for him..

But i'm free WM !!! - And i love life now. I dropped the rope and have very little to do with her.

In your sitch - She is carrying your child ( maybe ? ) so you need to be there for the child.. as for the rest ? - well if you allow it, you will become a victim of manipulation and mental abuse.. Only you can decide to walk away though.

You were arguing way before she got pregnant, so hormones dont cut it as an excuse.

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Now Mr Brightside.. coming out of my cage, and doing just fine.