Look I am sorry I am not as emotional strong as you other men. I was very emotionally weak. You are right I did not take the advice of many.

My definition of family is a wife and kids all under the same roof. LH you say I have been on here for 2 years. For 6-7 months I wasnít on here because the relationship with my GF was great. Obviously it was the honeymoon stage, but for that time being things were great between us. They were good for about a year. There was a lot of other stresses I was going through that I did not come on here and talk about.

Iíll summarize: my parents at 75 years old decided to get a divorce. My mom is handicapped and had a live in aid. Well I caught my dad and her having sex in the house with my mom there. I had a long talk with them, it continued. So had to inform my mom because that is disgusting. Well he started to threaten me. Then mom get a new aid. Parents divorce e states they have to sell the house, mom has no idea where she is going to go. Absolutely refusing nursing home. Has a new live in aid, she is not doing her job, mom fires her after working there for 9 months. Well she was a live in aid and refused to leave, becomes squatter in moms home, roaming around eating my moms food and living there freely. We even locked her out of the house and she broke it through a window to get back in. We called the cops and they said we could actually get in trouble for an illegal eviction. Canít get her out because of COVID. Meanwhile dad is stealing money and jewelry from mom. Filed charges trying to get him arrested and his GF. Get police involved. Meanwhile me and the GF are running back and forth to her house trying to protect her and help my mom. Pay her bills take care of her, we do her food shopping, GF cooks for my mom. So GF and I decide when she sells the home we will buy a 2 family house with my mom so we can be close and help her out. So for years my mom was giving money to brother to hide from Medicaid. So, mom is ecstatic about buying a 2 family home this way she is not alone. Find a home put a down payment and go into contract. Well my other brother finds out and doesnít like that her money will go into the house (mom and I were going in 50/50) and he wonít get the money when she dies, convinces my other brother to not give me the money now and the deal falls through. In the process almost get sued. Again this has nothing to really do with this forum thatís why I wasnít on here for a long time. And through all of that craziness my GF was right by my side helping, dealing with police at 11pm, food shopping for my mom, cooking for her, changing locks in my moms home, boarding up some rooms so live In couldnít roam around as much. When all of this stress started to occur is when our relationship stated to change. My family BS took a toll on our relationship. Let me tell you all there is so much more to this I could write a book.

So call it an excuse, call it justifying or whatever. I donít know if I was in my GFís position I would have stuck by 1. And 2 the amount of stress that those months put on us took a toll on our relationship. So it makes me wonder, is she really not a good fit for me or was it everything going on? So thatís where my confusion comes in.

M:42 XW:41
T:19 M: 15
D:13 S:10
BD: 8/10/18
Moved out: 8/18
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