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In the last 2 years I have worked on my self a lot

You have a very very long winded sitch.. 16 threads ! A messed up divorce followed by a rushed and even more messed up relationship shortly after.

You cherry picked or didnt act on advice in your early posts, and you are doing the same now on the new relationship - Like my post yesterday, you confused the hell out of me, as your words and planned actions one day don't match your update the day after - My advice is get your head straight - Your posts and actions do not show somebody who has worked on themselves at all - they show somebody who is in a further pickle, from action on emotion - somebody who is still acting on emotion..

and to the icing on the cake

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but I want a family again

You had children from M1 !!!! - What more does a man need ? Does your defenition of family include needing a wife to cook and clean... You have children - They should have been your primary focus - unconditional love !

But as you wanted a family, so you went out and got a new play toy to make a new family - at the expense of your relationship with your other children ! - Selfish and wrong - These are WW actions - NOT the actions of a man in a good mindset - Sorry to be blunt, but thats how i see it !

Being so desperate for this "family" you ignore the red flags and get this unsuitable woman pregnant - again - You are a responsible adult - Just why - Considering its been on the rocks for months ! - why !

This topic is becoming the same old same old on a daily basis - You come here complaining about the GF, take more 2x4 than most people here, asked for advice, say you will change, and then the next day, its the same old same old.

ONLY YOU can get yourself out of this mess - People here ( and believe me, i dont believe you will get any better advice anywhere ) can advise you, but you have to make the decissions and be prepared to live and deal with the consequences.

I do no believe GF is a good match and i think you need to man up and sort your &^&^ sooner rather than later - But you are so scared of the short term consequences, you are prepared to go through years of hell.

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