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Just keep adding insult to injury. I have my son today. I noticed the GF was cooking something. So I went to her and said you cooking something g for dinner for yourself or all of us. She replied just for me. She said, I dont think that is my job anymore. I said you use to do it all the time. She said unless things change she doesnt think its her job now. Ridiculous. I am taking my son out to dinner instead.

And you think your ex has brainwashed your kids into not liking her? Sounds like she managed to have that happen all on her own.
To cook for herself and not your child?

This is al recent. She did all the cooking up until she found out she was pregnant and then said she needed to be pregnant. But before that she cooked my kids favorite foods all the time. I mean my son loves shrimp, she would constantly buy it and make it for him. When my daughter was coming she would make she sure she had her favorite drinks. One day my d said, Im in the mood for a milkshake. At the time we didnt have any ice cream. So my GF ran out and got ice cream and chocolate syrup for her. This whole pregnancy thing has got her crazy. Is it the hormones? Is is this really who she is coming out now? Forgive me everyone, I know a lot of you are going to jump down my throats but I want a family again. I have always been a family person, even when I was younger. I guess maybe I am just for I g it. I know I did this and there is no one else to blame but it scares me to know I will have 2 baby mamas. I felt like I had a chance to start over with her, but like a lot of you have said, too many red flags!!!

In the last 2 years I have worked on my self a lot. And feel like I have changed a lot. For example, not holding a grudge, being a lot more patient with my children, maybe at times too much. I have really worked on validating a lot. So, I guess I would hope she would too. 😞 But people dont change over night, it took me a while. And to be completely honest some of her behaviors are definitely immature, I would have done the same things at her age. My parents had a terrible moto, dont get mad, get even!! Im rambling. Thank you all for always being here and hitting me with 2x4s. Let me tell you all when you talk to me I read and re-read all of your posts to help it all sink in.

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