My GF just got a job. She started yesterday. I know the whole embarrassment thing is just to manipulate me into marriage. Yes she is punishing me by not doing her share anymore. I am just getting fed up with that.

you start listening and thinking more clearly, or you are going to find yourself in another M with another wife who doesn't respect you. You are hoping to see the girl you saw when first dating, but she won't show up. I know you are right. I am just so disappointed with myself. That I let this happen.

A big part of you feels morally obligated to marry her.
I do. I feel like that is what I am suppose to do. Oh and another threat she has told me was if I dont marry her then why wont have my last name.

Are the two of you having sex now, or has she cut that off, also? If not, that's next on her list.
We dont have it like we use to. It literally was everyday most twice a day. Now Im lucky if its once a week. She tells me she is not emotionally in the mood. Im not making her feel good.

I try to stick with you guys. There are some days I just get depressed. How did I let this happen? I was so emotional because of the d I wasnt thinking clearly. Thats why you all told me not to date. I truly get that now. Let this be a lesson to the newbs here. I am also so worried how this will affect my kids? I am so worried my ex will try and brainwash them about the new child.

M:42 XW:41
T:19 M: 15
D:13 S:10
BD: 8/10/18
Moved out: 8/18
Moved in: 9/18/18
Moved out: 4/22/19
D papers signed 11/4/19
D final 3/18/20