Today marks 6 months and I can file to finalize the divorce.
Some admin and authorities details means it will probably take a week or two.
As soon as itís processed I will change my profile pic on FB as well as R status.
Will try to do it without announcing it in the feed.

Doing gardening today as well as a heavy gym workout.
Deleted Instagram today and will remove auto login to Facebook.
Will finalize NMMNG this month (really taking my time to read it and will read it again next year.)
Getting the new iPhone and will not be installing dating apps.
Considering getting the multi orgazmic man which some here have suggested.
Making a plan to renovate the cottage on my property so i can rent it to someone and get extra income.

Living together really makes real detachment almost impossible.
Especially being some what of a complete family still.
Kids know W has apartment now so thatís good. Donít think D3 really understands though but that time will come.
Moving on.
Amor fati

Me: 34
Stbxw: 30
D:5 D:3
Mini bd: May/June 2019
Married: Aug 2019
BD: 6th Dec 2019
OM Confirmed: Feb 2020
March 2020: I filed for D
Waiting for D to be finalized and W to move out end of January 2021