Unfortunately he cannot be held accountable for the error. I just have to pay. It makes me very sad. My dad is going to pay ( ????) and he says I donít have to pay him back, but I will. I can repay to the IRS with interest which he wonít let me do. So I will repay him.

Otherwise..... Iíve been going to the gym, mostly donít drink unless Iím going out, although I am enjoying a beer right now because I had a really rough day. I am burnt out, but tomorrow is my last day until November 9th. I am, however, tasked on Friday to repainting my daughters room. Her dad lent me supplies. And I am
Secretly hoping he comes over and helps me, because he is off as well. Not counting on it though, lol. But I do appreciate the supplies.

I have to work on Christmas . For working they were going to give me Christmas Eve off. I then realized I have no one to spend Christmas even with, so I gave it up to those who have family. I had the idea of doing a ďChristmas number 2Ē with D13. Since I wonít get home until 4:30, I told her she could stay with her dad until the festivities are over and come back home. We will do Christmas night like Christmas Eve and The day after Christmas off like itís Christmas morning. She really liked the idea, and my dad and his wife are on board too. Gotta make the best of the situation.

Work is kicking my butt big time. Lots of people come to me for help and assistance. I am everyoneís go-to. I helped someone out today and it may have bit me in the butt, hopefully everything will be ok.

Next week D14 and I are having a 2 night girls getaway. It will involve mother daughter massages and seeing the Plymouth Rock and mayflower. Iím excited. Mexico was too risky. This should be fun. There is a pool too, and shaping and seafood restaurants ( for me of course) itís only a 4 hour drive, I can handle that.

Iím surviving. But I might be having caregiver burnout. Iím not sleeping well. I feel like I am there for everyone, helping, giving guidance. And I feel like no one is there for me and itís tough. This might be hard to believe, but people come to me for guidance and comfort . I might be a mess, but I can help others . And I like to help others.

I realize I am the backburner. But maybe this trip will help me out a little.

Thatís all for now