Thanks all. You had it right Dawn... I was talking about TDHís XWís OM... thatís a lot of letters so I can see where the confusion comes from. Bottom line... I think she is pretty miffed that he is the one with an SO and she is the one who is on her own with no boyfriend. I donít think that is how she anticipated things turning out.

My suspicion, from what he has told me about his ex, is that she might try to be a problem... but she doesnít know who she is dealing with I donít think I have ever felt so secure in a new relationship... not just because of how he treats me but, even more so, because of how I feel about myself. I am 100% falling in love with TDH, no doubt, but I am so different now. I donít think I will ever again be in a relationship with the mindset that the other person is ďthe oneĒ or that it is going to last forever no matter what. I know that regardless of how things go, I am strong and I will be just fine. It doesnít mean that I will love him less than I did XH...but I think it means that I will love him different...more consciously and with a lot more self differentiation. Does that make any sense? I just feel like I have this inner strength that I didnít have before and that if he were to suddenly change his mind about us tomorrow, I would be sad and disappointed but not destroyed. So I am super calm about everything and I think that just ups his attraction to me. When I meet his ex, whether that happens this weekend or another time, I think she is going to realize that pretty quickly. I donít feel any competition with her or any need to stake my claim, so to speak. Iím just going to be my friendly self and if she doesnít like me, it will be because she doesnít want to like me.

RE: his son. His son had a fit the first time he tried to come over because for some reason, he was super scared that his dad was moving and not coming back. Since then, itís been fine. TDH thinks it has actually been good for his kids for him to be away for short periods of time as it has forced his ex to step up and do some problem solving on her own without constantly calling him to come in and rescue her.

I talked with TDH today and it sounds like his ex might be taking his daughter trick or treating and he and I will be spending some time with his S11. So...weíll see how it goes. I know I will meet everyone eventually and Iím not in a rush at all. Just taking one day at a time and enjoying spending time with TDH when I see him. TBH...Iím kind of enjoying the LDR. We get to spend some concentrated time together but in between, can focus on our kids and our other responsibilities. In the beginning, I wasnít sure if I would like it but itís actually been really good. smile

Me 51
H 46
B/G Twins 11
Legal SA - January 2019
Divorce filed - June 2019
Divorce final - November 2019

Together 14 years
Married 12 years
BD1 - May 2014
BD2 - September 14, 2018